Productivity Webinar


"How To Cut Your To-Do List In Half, Enjoy More Time,
And Earn More Money"

Presented by

Catherine Lefebvre

On This Webinar, Catherine Will Show You...

  • How to get really clear on your life and business goals so that all of your critical tasks and projects align with what you truly want.

  • How to eliminate 50% of the tasks you're currently doing without stalling your business growth.

  • How to put together your action plan so that you know what's in front of you right now and what you will work on next for maximum results.

  • How you can implement her entire model in just 3 days!

WARNING: This is not the typical productivity system made for office workers or a "hack" that allows you to sleep 2 hours per night in order to work more. This is a different approach made specifically for busy business owners that want a CEO income, without the 80-hour work weeks.